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We are an agency for brands that want to stand out.

Our Mission

“To develop passionate brand ambassadors through innovative and results-driven digital marketing campaigns.”

Our Vision

“To be a world-class digital agency that helps forward-thinking brands lead the revolution in building engaging customer relationships.”



Fourth generation entrepreneur who loves helping clients overcome unique business and marketing challenges. Collector of airline miles and loyalty status. Rides motorcycles, flies airplanes, and serves as a volunteer Firefighter-EMT in Raleigh. Has celebrated three cardiac arrest code saves. 
Ben Armstrong


Technical Director

Loves to create stunning digital content and solve technical challenges. Resident web dev guru. Enjoys connecting awesome brands to awesome consumers. Avid photographer and gym-goer. Volunteer Firefighter-EMT. Obsessed with mangos.



Translates big picture objectives into distinct direction and focused action designed to deliver measurable ROI. Digital marketing expert with experience in photography and video editing. Can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute and will stop to pet every dog.


HR & Operations Coordinator

Operationally focused and organized by nature. Passionate about collaborating to exceed expectations and goals. Lover of music, coffee, and movie trailers. Can be found dancing to music full blast in her apartment. Life is controlled by a 15 lb. ball of fluff named Pebbles.


Marketing Communications Manager

Creative content writer and social media strategist. Avid traveller and adventure seeker. Hair & makeup artist and social entrepreneur. Black coffee & IPA enthusiast, runner, and obsessed with pugs. Forever a member of the Wolfpack #WPN.


Digital Advertising Strategist

Loves diving deep into client sales and branding issues then solving them through data driven marketing campaigns. Always looks forward to the smiles on client’s faces when reviewing results. Outside of work, you can find him in video game competitions or snowboarding.


Content production specialist 

UNCG Film School graduate. Enjoys collaborating and creative problem solving. Powered by tater tots. Still listens to pop-punk music. Often communicates in the form of Seinfeld quotes.


lead Creative Strategist


Sr. Account Executive

Creative digital marketer who values meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Dancer and choreographer. Passionate about art, dogs, and Netflix. World traveler and chicken nugget connoisseur. Not much of a coffee drinker, but bubble tea does the trick. As always…GO PACK!


Content Production Specialist

Professional video editor and aspiring renaissance man. Always seeking to captivate audiences through dynamic visual storytelling. After hours, catch him reading philosophy and playing an eight-string guitar. An established one-man metal band with three self-produced albums on Spotify.


Account Executive

A strategic communicator who has a passion for forming relationships and connecting with those around him. Constantly innovating and incorporating new technology to improve efficiency across the board. Spends free time cheering for the Jacksonville Jaguars, studying up on fantasy football knowledge, and doing his part to keep PNC Arena as the Loudest House in the NHL #GoCanes.
Patrick Meehan posing on roof



Loves cinematographic film and the art of storytelling. Passionate about building relationships and connections. Enjoys listening and drumming to all music, except country. Big fan of NC State.


Production Manager

Has an eye behind the camera to find that unique angle. Passionate background in the live event production field. Loves to travel. Devoted consumer of iced lattes.


CBO (Chief Barking Officer)

Brings joy to every hooman and most puppers she encounters. Loves to twerk, nap, and eat treats.

Our Values

Lead With Purpose

We are on a mission to fundamentally change the marketing industry one step at a time.

Think Big

Our entrepreneurial spirit and unique creative process help us create lasting value.


We rise to the challenge to deliver results that exceed all expectations.

Be Storytellers

We foster an emotional connection with all who experience our work.


Everything we do is built on genuine connections within our team and with all of our clients.


Our collective focus on constant reflection and improvement makes our team stronger.

Marketing Strategy

From marketing strategy to full-scale integrated execution, our talented team can help bring your vision to life.

Lead Generation

How can customers buy from you if they can’t find you? We help you stand out online with organic and paid advertising management. 

Creative Video

The best way to tell a story is through video. Our team of award-winning producers, directors and editors know how to make you shine.

Your Strategic Partners

We’ll challenge you to think big, and try new things.

Our team is on the forefront of digital marketing trends that work today. We help you win with compelling content that drives engagement and sales.

Lead Generation Made Simple

Feel like your marketing dollars aren’t working? Let us show you how to create a predictable flow of new leads every day, with minimal investment and no cold-calling.

Leader in Aerial Imaging

9miles Media is an FAA and NCDOT licensed Commercial UAV Operator with over five years experience building and flying a wide range of large format drones. We capture stunning 4K Ultra-HD video content and high resolution still imagery.

Digital Cinema Pros

We travel domestically and internationally with a wide variety of professional equipment including multiple camera bodies, gimbal stabilizers, audio and grip equipment. 



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