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Meet the author: Ben Armstrong

Meet the author: Ben Armstrong

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I realize that it’s been quite a while since we’ve shared an official company update, although the reason is not for a lack of activity. In fact, we’ve had the opposite problem; every time I turn around there seems to be something new in the works! Most of the time our team is moving too quickly to slow down and write about it. So, in light of the upcoming holiday season, I figured it’s high time we slow down, take a moment to reflect, and share many of the things we’ve been cooking up over here at 9miles.

There are more than a few updates to share, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll start with the most important, which has to do with our team.

Maria Ralston Headshot

Welcome, Maria!

Maria is our newest team member, joining us in a sales executive role just last month. She moved all the way from St. Louis to Raleigh to take on this exciting new role on our team. Her energy and personality are contagious and we’re so excited to have her in charge of striking up partnerships with new LeadBoss clients. Which leads me to my next exciting update.

Enter: LeadBoss

If you haven’t heard, we executed a major business pivot this year and shifted focus almost exclusively to further development of our SaaS offering, LeadBoss. If you’ve employed our services for paid advertising in the past, you’ve had the pleasure of using the LeadBoss platform to power your lead nurturing and sales process. The brand new update on that front? We’re niching down. LeadBoss is now available exclusively to online course creators, coaches, and consultants and we’re thrilled about the recent partnerships we’ve struck with clients like Fulltime Filmmaker, The Wing Girl Method, Alex Pfeffer, and more. We launched our affiliate program officially this September.

Jared Smith Headshot

Our Creative Services just got that much better

Creative Director, Jay Clarke, has been hard at work developing refreshed creative direction for our production team. The newest member of our creative team, Jared Smith, brings years of experience in audio and sound engineering as well as live production support, special effects, and set design. With this dream team ready to tackle the most ambitious of projects, you can certainly expect exciting things to come from that department.

Holiday discounts and referral bonus

And with that in mind, be on the lookout for some exciting promotions we’re running. First and foremost, our November offer boasts $200 off your first month of LeadBoss if you sign up for a trial before Friday, November 26th. We’re also running our annual referral bonus campaign which pays you 5% of new project you refer to us. You don’t have to be a current client of ours to participate, but if you know someone that could use our services, you can profit from sending them our way.

Know a course creator or coach who could use LeadBoss? Know a brand that needs new video content? Send us your referrals and we’ll shoot you a Thank You referral bonus as soon as they sign up with us.

That’s the gist of it for now. We’d love to know: what do you have planned for the rest of Q4? Hoping the rest of 2021 treats you well, and let us know how we can help spur on your marketing efforts as 2022 looms ahead. 

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