Should your organization outsource their content marketing?

A study published by the Content Marketing Institute in 2018 revealed that 56% of B2B and 62% of B2C firms outsource at least one aspect of their marketing related to content creation, promotion, distribution, measurement, and strategy.

Another interesting finding was that ¾ of both B2B and B2C respondents attributed their increased success in content marketing over the last year to the implementation of “more efficient and higher quality content”.

Graph of factors of marketers increased content marketing success

When asked why respondents do NOT plan to implement a content marketing strategy within 12 months, the responses “small team” and “lack of time” were most common.

And yet, the most successful B2C firms spend almost a third of their marketing budget on content marketing, with B2B firms spending 40%.

So where is the disconnect?

If you haven’t yet formulated a strategic content marketing plan, you’re probably at a loss for where to begin. As marketers, we’re tasked with creating unique and engaging content that’s not already out there. The faint of heart — beware.

As you’ve probably discovered in your quest for differentiation, there are clear benefits to both in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies. You’re probably well-versed in how your own org runs the show but figuring out how you’d mesh with an outside agency is a different story.

To give you some insight, we’ll let you in on 7 secrets we leverage to help brands overcome the clutter. Communicating your vision to others outside your company doesn’t have to be daunting but it helps to have some insight into how an agency would tackle your project.

It all begins with…

Our Team

We’d be lying if we said we aren’t the sum of our beyond-talented team of creatives. We like to keep the office vibe pretty relaxed and put an emphasis on constant cross-collaboration.

“In an agency setting, it’s super important to continually bounce ideas off of each other. It allows us to take a step back, really evaluate the project goals, and open up to new creative opinions and ideas,” states Marketing Manager, Patrick Meehan.

9miles Media team picture on roof

#1 One of our key success factors is how we equally prioritize employee and client needs.

A hard working attitude is an integral part of our ethos and it flows well beyond our four walls.

Little known fact: Almost every member of our team has their own side gig! We encourage and celebrate the diverse talents of each member of our team and provide them the tools to pursue their hobbies. If anything, the pursuit of personal advancement through other creative outlets allows each member of our team to contribute equally to our collective expertise.

Our Expertise

Using advanced technology allows us to experiment with new methods of creating high quality content. The result: more leads, increased engagement, and boosted ROI for clients. We’ve set the bar high for ourselves and never settle for less than excellence.

Last year, 9miles Media celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Even after a decade, we pride ourselves on never getting comfortable – we’re constantly pushing the envelope of what we think we’re capable of and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Want to be a brand that stands out?

9miles Media crafts innovative and goal-oriented digital marketing campaigns with measurable ROI, which help clients realize and achieve their full potential. Learn how we can create a unique digital marketing strategy that resonates with your audience.

Our reputation is built upon genuine connection, deep commitment, and industry knowledge.

#2 Our priority is not to do everything but to be really, really good at the things we are doing.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t explain…

Our Process

Without sacrificing creativity, our team dedicates a significant amount of time to planning processes before diving headfirst into projects.

#3 We’ve discovered that structuring internal processes in a repeatable, organized, and streamlined way keeps our clients needs top of mind throughout the entirety of a project.

And this doesn’t apply to just the ops people. Each project calls for all hands on deck to keep our processes running smoothly. This gives clients peace of mind when they begin a project with us because they know they’re getting 100% of our time and talents.

From our experience, communicating our process up front sets the tone for the relationship, which helps build a client’s confidence. But, effective processes are properly implemented only when you have the right goals in mind…

Our Mission

At the center of everything we do is our mission “to develop passionate brand ambassadors through innovative and results-driven digital marketing campaigns.” Our core values drive us as we seek to live out this mission.

#4 Before every team meeting or project we read our mission and vision aloud in order to align everything we do with it.

We’re big fans of Mediapost’s stance in their article discussing ‘high performance collaborative culture’:

“Periodically getting everyone together — in person — to explain where we’re at, where we need to go, and how we’re going to get there, is crucial for performance.”

Reading our mission statement aloud, having frequent team meetings, and strategically planning goals are all methods intended to weave this mission into the fabric of our company culture.

In order to carry out this mission, we had to clearly define…

Our Strategy

Or should we say strategies?

#5 We usually avoid using the same cookie cutter approach for every client.

Actually, we avoid that like the plague. Instead, our method is always to lay fresh eyes on your expectations for a campaign and think, like, 9 miles ahead – even when we’re dealing with a recurring client.

Isn’t that A LOT of work? Yes. But is it worth it? Heck yeah.

We love Hemant Taneja’s article outlining the eight questions every company must be able to answer and totally agree that “impact will increasingly come from companies that service narrower slices of customers more precisely and effectively.”

So, just in case you were wondering, #2 wasn’t lying.

Our Community

#6 We are intentional about fostering local connections to enrich our network and circle of industry partners.

Our team is deeply embedded in the local entrepreneur community and we’ve had the privilege to connect with many people within HQ Raleigh, a community coworking space and B Corporation in downtown Raleigh, NC. The culture of HQ is highly collaborative, with over 150 member companies in Raleigh alone.

Stephen Covey, in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, states,

[abundance mentality] results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives and creativity.”

The dynamic HQ community embodies this mentality. We’ve built lasting strategic relationships with industry partners around the city and work closely with several of them to provide reciprocal services and referrals. With less emphasis on competition and more emphasis on collaboration, HQ Raleigh fosters a diverse ecosystem of purpose driven businesses.

But what is fundamentally different about our approach?

Your Brand.

Ultimately, the one thing separating an average agency from a really stellar one is the innate ability to interpret a clients pain points and shed light on the shortcomings of their current marketing efforts.

#7 Whoever you end up working with, your expectation should be a comprehensive solution, which adapts effortlessly to your current workflows.

The point of hiring out an agency is to take advantage of their unique creative opinions but those should never dilute your brand or get in the way of your vision. Whatever creative solution your agency comes up with should be driven solely by a well-crafted strategy.

Our advice? Never expect one without the other! We don’t settle – neither should you.

Want to be a brand that stands out?

9miles Media crafts innovative and goal-oriented digital marketing campaigns with measurable ROI, which help clients realize and achieve their full potential. Learn how we can create a unique digital marketing strategy that resonates with your audience.

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