Top Gifts for the Marketer in Your Life

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Industry Trends

Meet the author: Sanjana Kirpalani

Meet the author: Sanjana Kirpalani

Sanjana is an account manager at 9miles Media.

Gift-giving can be fun when you know what to get, but often it’s hard to be creative when buying a present for a marketer. This year get them one of these 10 ingenuous gifts that’ll make their lives a little easier.

A guide to Creating Content

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley, is a guide to creating and publishing content that will help your business thrive. Whether it’s through a blog, social media post, or statement of work, marketers rely heavily upon their words to tell a story and reach a broad audience! This book definitely delivers on its promise to help you create “ridiculously good content.”

A Moleskin Smart Notebook

Everybody has an old, partially filled leather-bound Moleskin hidden away in a desk drawer somewhere. Putting pen to paper is exactly what some marketers need to keep creating those million-dollar ideas, but we no longer have the luxury of keeping handwritten notes, well, handwritten. This new smart notebook from Moleskin gives you the best of both worlds— ensure that all revolutionary notes and drawings are saved as digital files with this neat little notebook.

Mobile Phone Stabilizer Gimbal

A phone is more than a communication device for the average marketing guru. Sharing photos and videos directly from your smartphone is the most underrated business growth hacker. This phone stabilizer gimbal is the ultimate accessory for marketers who capture and share videos and pictures on the go. This stabilizer has built-in sensors and motors to counter any vibrations while capturing the perfect shot.

Coffee Mug Warmer

What’s a marketer’s daily fuel? A hot cup of coffee of course! This little desk gadget is a must-buy for the coffee addict in your life. As the day gets busy, the coffee stays hot and ready. Never again will you sip from a cold, forgotten cup of joe at 1 PM. Keep your coffee hot and your marketers happy with the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer.

Laptop Stand

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of marketers spend their day craning their necks, squinting into a laptop screen. If a standing desk is a little outside the gifting budget, grab one of these handy laptop stands instead. You will quickly transform their workstation and productivity level since this stand positions laptops at a comfortable viewing angle while possibly also acting as a second screen. Having a dual monitor setup is ideal for any marketing multitasker!

Device Charging Station

This gift is one of our favorites and it won’t break the bank. According to GlobalWebIndex, the typical digital consumer now owns more than three devices. Laptop, tablet, phone or watch – the list of devices marketers own is endless! Is your favorite marketer always skating by on 1%?? Gift them this handy charging station to keep their desk organized and no device left uncharged.

Luxafor Flag

Does the marketer in your life work in an open or shared workspace? While these spaces help collaboration and team morale, it is all too easy to get distracted by coworkers. Help maintain uninterrupted focus with this Luxafor flag. This USB-powered ‘busy light’ clips onto any device and will illuminate based on availability. No train of thought will be interrupted again.

Tile Sticker

From phones to car keys, items we use every day are the ones we misplace most frequently. Is the marketer in your life often losing something they just had in their hands? Marketers are on the go and can’t afford to waste time looking for misplaced items. Save them time by gifting them Tile Stickers, a small Bluetooth device that allows you to ring your items and find them on a map. Gift your favorite marketer this timesaving gadget and peace of mind as an added bonus.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you didn’t know before reading this, you know now that marketers are always on the go and they need their coffee. Gift the marketer in your life a travel mug to allow them to have coffee whenever and wherever they are. Hot or cold, this mug will do the job.

Starbucks E-Gift Card

Still unsure about what to get the marketer in your life? Marketers need their daily jolt of caffeine…sometimes more than once a day. Give the marketer in your life a Starbucks e-gift card. Everyone should splurge on a Venti every once in a while.

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