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Our traditional approach of direct mail and email follow-up wasn’t producing the number of leads that we needed. We came to the 9miles team with the unique challenge of targeting pilots in multiple large markets. Since we started working with the team on this campaign, we have had the ability to constantly retarget to get the highest quality leads in the shortest amount of time. This has given us the ability to confidently expand into new markets and sell more aircraft. 

We have also seen a significant increase in engagement on our posts, with many viewers sharing with their friends and colleagues. As we look to the future to stay agile in our digital marketing, we are grateful to have the 9miles team on our side. This team is on the forefront of the digital techniques that are relevant to our audience today, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Sam Linton
Regional Sales, Lifestyle Aviation



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Do any of these sound familiar?

I can't close DEALS WITH my existing leads.

Are you letting leads drop off the map? We remove the hassle of nurturing leads and remarketing to your existing clients.

I can't find new, high quality leads.

We will accurately define and target your ideal audience for effortless lead generation.

I don't have time to search for new business.

Finding new business can be an exhaustive process. Our method allows you to sit back and watch as qualified leads bang down your door (not literally).

Imagine if…

Your investments finally paid off. Investing in your business means driving engagement and sales through strategic lead generation. Receive a FREE consultation today!

Ben Armstrong, CEO

I help brands drive engagement & sales with creative digital solutions.

My experience includes partnering with companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to multi-billion dollar national brands to help achieve profitable growth across multiple industries.


1. Go hands free

You have a lot going on. Don’t stress about looking for new business on top of all your other responsibilities. Let us do that.

2. Diversify business

Your business is built on great customer service. New leads = more opportunities to make people happy.

3. Gain insights

Lead generation gives you deeper insights into your target audience. You’ll discover endless tactics for reaching customers more effectively.

4. Pick & choose

Gone are the days of reaching out to those long lost customers from 5 years ago. Get ready to choose the customers YOU want to work with.

5. Spark conversation

People talk. And chances are, they’ll be talking about you once you get your name out there (all good things).

6. Take a day off

After it’s all in place, kick up your feet! Then take a deep breath. We’ve got this side of your business covered.

Our Process

Discovery + Intent

First we evaluate your current situation and establish your campaign goals.

We’ll identify low hanging fruit and opportunities you can quickly implement.

Strategy + Direction

Based on experience and analysis we’ll help you craft an irresistible offer that is focused on the specific outcomes and pain points that you solve for your customers.


Design + Implementation

We build your sales funnel from the ground up, design the ad and the sales copy, and integrate with your current leads flow process. Then we launch!

Results + Scale

We perform extensive split testing to ensure that your ad campaign is performing at its best, and we optimize on an ongoing basis.


Our eggspertise in paid social advertising attracts ideal customers to hundreds of brands worldwide. Start growing your brand with our foolproof lead generation strategy!

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