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🚀 Last year was incredible. We grew 9MILES MEDIA, our creative agency, by 2X. We had teams travel all over the country to work with incredible clients, including a mix of big brands, startups, and non-profits.

We grew our team in a huge way, hiring extremely talented people for key roles. We got crystal clear on our mission, vision and values, defining who we are and who we serve. We also took on larger-scale projects for our clients than ever before, accepting additional responsibilities and always pushing ourselves to think bigger.

This rapid growth also brought some new challenges, late nights, and growing pains.

If you try to serve everyone, you’ll end up serving no one. Every day we have to remind ourselves that growth depends on saying “no” to many of the opportunities that come our way because they do not fit into our mission.

This year we made the decision to share our story with the world. We want to show you behind the scenes as we take massive action and disrupt the marketing industry, leading the revolution in building engaging customer relationships.

We are 9MILES MEDIA and this is One More Mile.

Episode 6

“Capturing Campus Life”

SKEMA Business School: educating international students & making a global impact! We’re grateful to be partners for over five years now. Our team is passionate about our work, and also about brownies. Check it out! 

Episode 5

“Things Get Hot!”

Experience the 9miles difference as we take you on a production adventure with our client, AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, a leader in fire protection. 

Episode 3

“Behind The Scenes Video Shoot”

For the past five years, we have proudly documented our extraordinary client Meritage Homes, joining forces with Operation Homefront, to gift a mortgage-free home to a deserving veteran family.

Episode 4

“Making Our Videos Pop!”

Meet Jared, our passionate Post-Production Manager, as he shares a behind the scenes look into the process of color-grading. See how we transform raw footage into epic, engaging, & impactful content!

Episode 1

“Lights Camera Action!”

We’re excited to peel back the curtain & bring you along Behind The Scenes in Raleigh, North Carolina on our Production Day with the Founded Communities!

Episode 2

Stackin’ Taters

9miles Media heads to the Raleigh Food Bank to Volunteer. Join our journey giving back, one potato at a time.

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