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Campbell University, founded in 1887, is comprised of eight interdisciplinary degree programs including the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. Dean, Kevin J O’Mara, along with Professors Kelly and Rubin aim to add 25 students to the MBA program by the end of 2020.

Previous marketing efforts rendered 62 MBA students in one year including alumni from undergraduate programs at Campbell. The primary source for attracting student applicants was unclear, resulting in a manual follow up process and unpredictable lead sources for the admissions department.

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June 3, 2020 | 10 a.m.

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Success at the 120 day mark

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September 30, 2020

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The Lundy–Fetterman School of Business is an American business school founded in 1983 and located in Buies Creek, North Carolina. The Business School is one of eight colleges and schools that comprise Campbell University.


Representatives of the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business aim to increase the number of students in their graduate programs. Clear goals were defined for the Campbell MBA program: Attract 12 new students over the course of 9 months, representing a value of $350,760 in gross revenue. As the students have to go through the application process, 9miles Media worked towards a key metric: 16 submitted applications that go through the decision process. To achieve the end goal, a strategy comprising content creation, digital advertisements, and lead nurturing was created.


Before working with 9miles Media, Campbell acquired 62 students over the past year through immeasurable methods causing unpredictable pipelines. The admissions department knew it was time to retire the colorful spreadsheets and manual follow ups. The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business needed a strategy to increase brand awareness, share the value of a Campbell education, and increase enrollment.


9miles Media built a strategic framework comprising valuable content, targeted digital advertisements, MBA focused landing page, and automated lead nurturing through LeadBoss. LeadBoss by 9miles Media is a communication hub and CRM that reengages prospective students and allows them to communicate with the admissions department.


  • Content Production
  • Motion & Animation Design
  • Digital Launch Strategy
  • Advanced Lead Nurturing
  • Data analytics
  • Inbound Marketing

The Journey

Campbell’s Challenge

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business was operating with no formal process for acquiring and nurturing student leads. Over the course of one year, they acquired 62 students through informal methods with no predictable pipeline established.

Knowing they needed the ability to attract, nurture and convert students, Campbell reached out to the 9miles Media team to revamp their lead acquisition process. Early in our relationship, we learned that the high concentration of competition in the Triangle Area has contributed to a serious lack of brand awareness for Campbell University as well as for the Campbell MBA program. Additionally, their current marketing did not truly express the value of obtaining a Campbell MBA degree.

After fully diagnosing their needs, we found the following:

  • Current landing page and Existing digital ads for the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business required targeting optimization
  • Ad and Landing Page Copy did not support the value proposition of the MBA program and needed to be rewritten in addition to new ads
  • A method of capturing prospective students contact information (Name, email, phone) did not exist
  • Automation of the lead nurturing process to allow the admissions department to focus on the most interested prospective students was not in place

All in all, Campbell needed to implement a predictable process for acquiring students rather than acquiring students by chance.

The Solution

Our strategic framework included content creation and paid online advertising campaigns to convert interest for the Campbell MBA program into submitted applications.

A targeted distribution strategy was key to get this content in front of prospective students. Rather than target generic attributions on Facebook and hope for the best, we instead took a two-pronged approach to ad distribution.

We began with search terms. Based on Campbell MBA’s Google analytics, we identified and targeted region specific search terms with related Google Search ads.

We created a landing page. Once an ad was clicked, prospects were led the to a landing page containing multiple tracking tools from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Even if prospects didn’t take action in the moment, we now had their information for the next stage of the process.

We retargeted interested prospects. We began showing display ads only to those interested in the Campbell MBA program. In this retargeting phase, we began to show content in a pre-built cycle. After seeing an ad, prospects would see a new ad the next time, and so on and so forth. This kept content “fresh” and gave us the opportunity to address multiple sales objections throughout the cycle. These ads continued to drive prospects back to the landing page or to a form to download the MBA brochure.

01 Creative Content

Eye-Catching Motion & Interviews

The content consisted of three eye-catching motion graphics videos and three recorded interview videos between professors and Lundy-Fetterman alumni.

This content was used to promote the key benefits of the program, answer the MBA program-specific FAQs, communicate the value of the program, and advise future Campbell MBA students.

02 Landing Page

MBA Focused Landing Page

a landing page was created to provide more information solely about the MBA program to those who clicked on the ads. The page allowed the viewer three options.

  • To be able to contact an admissions representative via text, email or call (this action put them in our nurturing pipeline)
  • To be able to download a PDF of the MBA brochure via text or email (this action put them in our nurturing pipeline)
  • Begin their application (the ultimate goal of the page)

03 Prospective Student Database

Database Reactivation

As the application cycle progressed and the application deadline approached, we sent messages via text through LeadBoss to students that had begun their application, but not yet submitted. This was a friendly and timely reminder to finish the application process.

During each cycle, we added incentives in order to get the prospective student to apply. These incentives compounded, for example: Message 1 had 1 incentive, Message 2 had 2 incentives etc and proved to be very powerful at achieving a conversion.

These reactivations began when 5 weeks remained in the application cycle.

If I was going to talk to another university about what 9miles could do for them…this wonderful product LeadBoss was given to me, and changed my world.

– Sara Leak, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs

Campbell MBA Program

The Results

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