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LifeStyle Aviation empowers their clients to achieve their personal and professional life goals through access to modern aircraft which enables unparalleled mobility.

Three years into our relationship, LifeStyle Aviation (formerly Dominion Aircraft Sales) needed help rebranding their business to better reflect the changing nature of their customer base, and the modernization of the aircraft they sell. We gladly rose to the occasion, bringing an intimate knowledge of their business together with our experience crafting creative digital solutions.


  • Video Production
  • Digital Launch Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creative & Design
  • Data Analytics

Our Challenge

Develop a scalable, repeatable method of targeting pilots through social media advertising and engaging video content in order to increase the awareness of the LifeStyle Aviation brand and sell more aircraft nationwide.

Pilots wanted!

According to Hubspot, traffic & lead generation is the #1 marketing challenge for 63% of companies.

LifeStyle Aviation was having trouble with their traditional approach of direct mail and email sequences not getting results, particularly as they expanded their programs rapidly across the country. Our team crafted extensive video content assets to help LifeStyle gain brand awareness and inspire pilots to consider modern aircraft access options.

Major Market Campaigns

People Reached

Link Clicks

Leads Generated

Strategy + Direction

A multi-channel approach was taken, including video and photo content for a variety of advertisements.

Design + Implementation

Multiple events in each location required unique videos and creative targeted to local audiences.

Results + Scale

Click-through-rates as high as 4.11% were achieved as part of the national roll-out of the program, twice the industry standard for cold leads.

Our traditional approach of direct mail and email follow-up wasn’t producing the number of leads that we needed. We came to the 9miles team with the unique challenge of targeting pilots in multiple large markets. Since we started working with the team on this campaign, we have had the ability to constantly retarget to get the highest quality leads in the shortest amount of time. This has given us the ability to confidently expand into new markets and sell more aircraft.

We have also seen a significant increase in engagement on our posts, with many viewers sharing with their friends and colleagues. As we look to the future to stay agile in our digital marketing, we are grateful to have the 9miles team on our side. This team is on the forefront of the digital techniques that are relevant to our audience today, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Sam Linton
Regional Sales, Lifestyle Aviation


Video Production

Modern Aircraft. Modern Content.

Production teams travelled with  LifeStyle Aviation pilots in order to gather footage to promote  events across the country.

Our content capture included aerial and ground-based photo and video, timelapses, interviews, and b-roll.

The modern aircraft that LifeStyle Aviation sells are sleek, sexy, and high-tech. They desperately needed a winning video strategy that would reinforce this to their prospective customers. The goal was to highlight the private aviation lifestyle and its benefits to pilots who own their own planes.

Our creative team conceptualized multiple videos to use along with paid advertising, which has resulted in a significant increase in awareness in the target market.


Kinetic Typography Exploration

Eye-catching visuals to attract interest from pilots on social media.

Diamond DA40 NG Launch

New product video celebrating the launch of the newest aircraft from Diamond.

DiamondShare Program

Highlighting the unique aircraft ownership and membership options for pilots.


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