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Meritage Homes, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is  the seventh largest production builder in the United States.

Two years into our relationship the Meritage team came to us looking for fresh ideas for their annual conference. We rose to the occasion, bringing an intimate knowledge of their brand together with our experience crafting interactive event narratives that resonate with employees.


  • Video Production
  • Creative & Design
  • Content Planning
  • Production Consulting
  • On-site Production Support

Our Challenge

Transform an annual company meeting into the event of the year with fresh, creative, and new interactive concepts.

Video Production

Bringing Associates Together

Our team travelled with the Meritage leadership team to company Town Hall meetings in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. 

Our content capture included photo and video, timelapses, interviews, and extensive b-roll which was catalogued for future use.

We knew we wanted to open the conference with an incredible video that would energize attendees and connect them to the company’s new strategic plan. We conceptualized, scripted, and shot a feature video that brings together the company’s core values and presents these in a fun, high-energy format.

Event Support

Crafting the Perfect Event

Quick turnaround? That’s our specialty.

We worked with the Meritage team to create walkup videos, interstitial graphics, and an on-site recap video for their Leadership Institute event.

A quick turnaround was needed so that the video could play on the last day before sending attendees home, and we loved every minute. Additional production support including audio-visual consulting helped make the event a success. 

“For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of partnering with 9miles Media on our annual leadership conference. Not only is every team member wonderful to work with, they are exceptionally talented at the work they are so passionate about. Ben and his team were incredibly responsive to us in the many months leading up to the event and they were onsite during the event and with us every step of the way!


The production quality of our event (and subsequently the CEO’s satisfaction with the event) has increased exponentially since involving 9miles Media. This team goes through every detail of the event with us multiple times, honestly an outsider wouldn’t be able to tell where the Meritage event team ends and Ben’s team begins because we were all so invested in the success of the conference and we were all equally well versed in the flow of events which resulted in flawless execution!”

Amber Kovacs

Vice President, Talent Management & Organizational Development, Meritage Homes


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