$150K+ in new Recurring revenue in 120 Days

Campaign Highlights

8x ROI in 120 days

The Launch of Downtown Raleigh’s premier fitness destination

Shred415, a high-intensity, dynamic interval training fitness concept has been sweeping the nation, with over 100 franchise agreements signed heading into 2020.

With the arrival of Shred415’s 17th franchise coming to Raleigh, NC, owners Kevin and Beth Burant needed a comprehensive lead generation, lead nurturing and content marketing campaigns in order to hit the ground running from day one, with strong pre-sales. 

With just four months until their Grand Opening, they came to 9miles Media to help accomplish their goals. After working with our team for 120 days, the Raleigh studio had the most successful grand opening out of any of the franchises currently open.

See the 8X ROI we achieved in just 4 months below:

Campaign Launch Date

September 2019

Campaign Runtime

120 Days

Date Campaign Was Measured For Impact

January 2020

Ad Reach

Ad Clicks

Average Cost Per Lead

Total Memberships Sold Prior to Grand Opening

Pre-Grand Opening Class Attendees


Percentage of Revenue Attributed to our campaign

Revenue Generated*

Return on Investment

*Estimated Lifetime Value of each new member is $1800

9miles delivered on our video and marketing campaign big time! From the leads we were able to generate we had the best Shred415 opening of all of the franchises currently open.

So happy we made the move to 9miles!

– Kevin & Beth Burant, Owner-Operators

Shred415 Raleigh

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Launching Downtown Raleigh’s premier Fitness Destination

Shred415, founded in Chicago in 2011, has been rapidly expanding over the past few years. Their 17th franchise was sold to Kevin & Beth Burant, a husband-wife entrepreneur team and long-time Shredders. Their goal was to open their doors in Downtown Raleigh, NC in December 2019.

Starting Facebook advertising in June 2019, by the end of August 2019 – their digital efforts had only produced 492 leads. All of these leads were being followed up with manually by the Burants, leading to lag times and fatigue. They knew that this process wasn’t sustainable and that they needed an agency partner they could trust.

    Historically, the success of a Shred415 franchise was directly attributable to their pre-opening contact database size. The more contacts, the more successful the launch, so this was a natural place to start.


    • Video Production
    • Digital Marketing
    • Advanced Lead Nurturing
    • Digital Launch Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Creative & Design
    • Data Analytics
    • Inbound & Content Marketing

    Our Challenge

    • Establish brand awareness within a hyper-targeted 7-mile radius of Downtown Raleigh
    • Produce significant lead flow with highly qualified prospects opting in to receive more information
    • Automate follow-up sequences and class reminders via text message, email, and phone

    Content Creation & Paid Online Advertising Campaigns

    Our Solution

    Content Creation

    To accomplish the first goal of achieving local brand awareness, our team created content with Kevin & Beth. This content was designed with a few key elements for maximum impact:

    • Showcasing their location to inform the locals exactly where the studio is located
    • Introducing Kevin & Beth to the community
    • Informing viewers on what they can expect when they come experience Shred415
    • An offer to “be updated when Shred is having their grand opening event, ‘9 Days of Free Classes’ ” in exchange for contact information
    • Direct Response Style Dialog to get the viewers to take action

    Shred Sizzle Video and Ad Creative

    Ad Creative V1

    Ad Creative V2

    Ad Creative V3

    Ad Creative V4

    Ad Creative V1

    Ad Creative V2

    Ad Creative V3

    Ad Creative V4

    Video Views

    Ad Impressions

    Tested Audiences

    Unique Ad Variations

    Comprehensive Digital Campaigns

    Our digital team built on this content, writing several variants of direct response style ad copy and distributed it to the public via Facebook ads and Instagram ads using a Lead Generation objective – continually tweaking and testing new copy and audiences. In total, there were over 250 unique ad variations tested, paired with 37 unique audiences.

    On the back end, we connected our unified communications software that allowed us to enroll the new opt-ins into a text campaign that confirmed their opt-in and then reactivated them for the “9 Days Of Free Classes” prompting the audience to pick a time and date to experience their first studio class.

    As a result, a record-breaking 770 people were able to experience a Shred415 class before the Grand Opening.  After they experienced their first class, the Burants spoke to the attendees via text, email and in-person and were able to close a record-breaking number of members during their 9 Days.

    See the Results…



    Total List Size at Grand Opening



    New memberships sold as a direct result of our campaign



    Return on Investment



    Annualized Recurring Revenue Generated

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