How we serve our clients

For more than 15 years, we’ve been creating impactful videos for people-focused brands.

Our Process


First we evaluate your current situation, establish your content goals, and decide if a single project or retainer is best.



Our award-winning creative team puts together a comprehensive content plan for your sign-off.



We manage all scripting, storyboarding, production planning, & actor management as needed.


We take your brand’s vision and craft irresistible, compelling photo and video content.


The videos are edited and final versions delivered, along with recommendations on how to use this new content.

Your Brand Needs Video

Two Ways to Work With Us


Great for one-off needs and events! We will work with your team over the course of a 2-12 month engagement, and you get the full benefit of our entire creative process.

In our experience, this structure is great for organizations who only need content occasionally, rather than on an ongoing basis.



We love to go deep with our clients! This structure is the result of more than a decade of discovering what really works.

With our triannual or biannual content retainers, we provide a set number of deliverables per 4 or 6 month period, giving you peace of mind that you can always rely on having fresh video content on an ongoing basis.


Fully-produced, scripted pieces perfect for promoting products, services, or simply sharing your story.

Minimum level of engagement is $15k, with most clients investing $30k-60k per project, with 3-8 videos included.

Typical timeline is 12-16 weeks from kickoff to completion.


We profile your team members or your customers for an authentic look in to what you do.

Minimum level of engagement is $15k, with most clients investing $25k-50k per project, with 3-10 videos included.

Typical timeline is 10-14 weeks from kickoff to completion.


Beautiful portraits, product photography, and location photography make your brand pop.

Typically included as a piece of a larger video production project.

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Celebrating 15 years.

Since 2008, we’ve consistently delivered results for our clients by thinking big, & solving complex challenges through ground-breaking creativity.

Our goal is always to create work that has a timeless quality – as well as providing a valuable, lasting impact.

Your success is our driving force.

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16 W. Martin street

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Business LINE

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