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Welcome to the Future of Video Production—Unlimited, Unleashed, Unmatched. At 9miles Media, we redefine creative boundaries with our Unlimited Video Production service, tailored for visionary brands seeking continuous innovation. Imagine an endless stream of high-quality video content crafted by a team renowned for its flexibility, skill, and boundless creativity.

Our subscription-based model ensures you’re never without fresh, impactful visuals, providing everything from in-house scriptwriting to custom animations, all with no long-term commitments. Engage with us, and unlock a partnership where your brand’s vision is continuously brought to life, ensuring your message resonates loudly in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Choose 9miles Media for an uninterrupted flow of excellence and creativity in video production—where your potential is unlimited.

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Unlimited Video Production

Included in your Unlimited Video Subscription

→ Unlimited video production and editing

→ In house script writing & storyboarding

→ Unlimited revisions & unlimited brands

→ Production travel time included

→ No long-term commitment

→ Unlimited access to stock footage

Typical Request Timeline

Our process for fulfilling a request is collaborative. We work creatively and efficiently to bring your vision to life. The length of a request is dependent on the complexity of the request, production date, and amount of feedback. Our team’s goal is to move as fast as you to deliver a video that achieves your goals and blows your socks off.

I must say, it’s some of the best video work I’ve seen. It conveys the right emotional vibe and feel, and they were attentive to our goals, integrating their expertise to really make the project stand out. That’s a unique characteristic that you don’t find in many people. 9miles Media has this quality in spades.

9miles Media is the kind of company that really gets to know you. They find that unique vibe, that emotion, and bring it out through their work.”

Anne Jones
Founder, On The Team

frequently asked questions

What counts as a request?

A request includes one main video of any length and a cutdown. Under the Pro Plan, a request can comprise up to two main videos and two cutdowns.

What is a cutdown?

A cutdown is a condensed version of a main video, tailored for specific uses like social media or advertising. These typically range from 1 to 90 seconds depending on the length of the main piece.

How does 9miles Media handle feedback & revisions?

We maintain a transparent and collaborative process for feedback and revisions, with clear guidelines on the number of revisions included. Our procedure for incorporating feedback ensures that project modifications are efficiently managed and aligned with your vision.

How long does it take to fulfill a request?

The timeline for each project varies based on video length, complexity, and how promptly you provide feedback. We aim to deliver a first draft within one week after production. Generally, completion can take from a few weeks to a few months.

Are there any additional expenses I should expect?

You will be responsible for billable expenses, which are additional costs incurred by 9miles on your behalf during production. Examples of billable expenses include: lodging, vehicle rental/mileage, airfare, meal per diems, onscreen talent, voiceover artists, location rental, etc.

Do I need to provide actors, locations, or props?

We handle all pre-production details, including actors, locations, and props. If you have specific preferences, we're happy to include them. Otherwise, we manage these logistics for you. Additional costs incurred will be treated as billable expenses.

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