How to Create an Event Recap Video

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Industry Trends, Video Marketing

Meet the author: Sofia Abdo

Meet the author: Sofia Abdo

Sofia is an account executive at 9miles Media. She is a creative content writer and social media strategist.

Learn how to market your event even after it’s over.

creating an event recap video

Does your company host an annual kickoff summit or end of year conference? Maybe you have town halls or quarterly review meetings where company representatives gather to discuss goals, sales, and visions of the future. The best way to wrap up one of these multi-day events is with an event recap video of all the highlights. Many sessions and activities are packed into those few days, so it’s a great idea to capture all the big moments for sharing – now and later.

There is a clear cut method for sharing your story with a large audience in a very short time. And we mean immediately. Right after it happens. It’s called an event recap video.


An event recap video is basically a large scale video production project condensed into the time it takes to host an event or conference over the course of several days. Normally, the footage a video crew captures at your event takes weeks to process and edit before the final video is delivered. By that time, all the hype has died down and the impact is greatly diminished.

Our team uses a process which ensures that your video is not only ready by the end of the event, but it can actually be played live to all the attendees at the closing. Delivering this high-energy recap effortlessly closes out the day and ends the conference on a high note.

What does an event recap video include?

There are a several fun elements you can incorporate into your event recap video. You could try:

  • Interview employees and ask for testimonials about the event
  • Invite inspirational speakers or talented entertainers to add variety
  • Create a time lapse of the event set up
  • Set up fun additions like a photo booth or interactive exhibit
  • Build in time for networking and allow exhibitors, vendors, or employees to present

All of these activities will make your event more dynamic and give you a larger variety of content to include in a recap video.

Last year, 82% of event planning professionals reported that networking was the highest priority for a majority of attendees at corporate conferences across the U.S. If your event has built-in time for employees or conference attendees to network with one another, you should capture all the action on video! That way, when you’re promoting the event next year, you’ll be able to highlight everyone’s top priority.


One of the most important steps to include when creating a recap video is sharing on social media. After your event has ended, you want something to show for all the work you put into preparing, planning, and executing it. It’s time to share your recap video!

The quickest way to get your video out to the largest number of people is through sending a text blast right after the video ends. Using a service like Textedly allows you to send a text blast to all the conference attendees with a link to share the video to their network. This is a great way to increase brand awareness, start conversations, and get your video in front of the right people.

You never want to wait until the hype dies down months after the event. This step will also allow you to promote your event hashtag and further engage with those who share your video on social media.


If you choose not to close out your event with an official ceremony or video, you can also opt for a conference or event opener video. This works great if your event happens over the course of several weeks or months in multiple locations. Capturing footage at each of these stops will give you endless footage to compile into an epic recap video of the entire event series. For an example of this in action, check out a conference opener video we made for an annual sales conference held in different cities across the U.S.

This video was used as a conference opener video for the culmination of the Meritage Homes conference tour, held in Las Vegas. An opener video is a great way to introduce the event, get attendees excited, and inform them of what to expect. Beyond that, you can use it as a promotional piece for sharing within your company and externally with your professional network.

The production quality of our event (and subsequently the CEO’s satisfaction with the event) has increased exponentially since involving 9miles Media. This team goes through every detail of the event with us multiple times. Honestly, an outsider wouldn’t be able to tell where our event team ends and their team begins because we were all so invested in the success of the conference, which resulted in flawless execution!

Amber Kovacs

Vice President, Talent Management & Organizational Development,
Meritage Homes

The client loved the opener video so much that our team ended up creating closing video for the last night of their tour as well. Visit our website to check out the full case study and more of our work!

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